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Taegoon's 1st Concert in Japan ~ "White Love 2009"


1. Intro
2. Superstar
3. One Two Step
-Chairman Appearance-
4. 네까짓 게 (As Insignificant as You)
5. My Girl
-Video Support message from w-inds' Keita Tachibana, Wheesung, SS501's Hyun Joong, TVXQ's Jaejoong & Junsu-
6. I Do
7. Perfect Man (Dance)
-Picture from Osaka event-
8. Finally
9. 속았다 (Betrayed)
-Christmas Time-
-Taegoon making chocolate to give to a fan later-
10. Christmas Song (Jingle Bells?)
-Santa Clause comes out from the audience-
-Santa Collected messages from fans/Decorated Christmas tree-
-Taegoon picks messages and reads them with fans-
11. Call Me
12. Finally
13. Superstar
14. Ending with dancers (Freemind)

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